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5 Keys to a Confident Girl

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We believe that there are 5 things that our girl needs to practice to become the healthiest version of herself:
1. Purpose
This workshop/topic allows our girls to really dig into who she is by providing her the opportunity to explore her gifts, while growing in an understanding of what her life purpose is.
2. Self-Care
This workshop/topic educates girls on how to take care of their "shell" (which is their outside being). Oohh La La encourages girls to see the importance of doing things like hydrating their skin, combing their hair, and  trying new styles. Oohh La La gives them an opportunity to participate in DIY activities to get them started.
3. Journey 
This workshop/topic educates our girls on the importance of exercising that taking care of your body, AND encourages them to the possibilities of traveling, and the importance of broadening their perspective.
4. Health and Nutrition
This workshop/topic encourages our girls to be intentional about their eating habits.
5.  Investment
This workshop/topic educates our girls on the importance of investing their time, and educates them on financial responsibilities.

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