5 Day Confidence Challenge

Holiday Edition



**Once form is filled out we will connect with you to fully enroll your girl. 
Thank you for taking the time to INVEST in your girl


This is an exclusive class for our girls to be able to get the supplemental support that they may need during this time. These are Virtual Group Sessions where your girl will be able to connect with other girls of in their age group, learn new skills, and get a break from all this quarantine responsibilities such as homework. They will be challenged (in a fun way).

Annnd...she will be mailed out her own


(this is a kit that will have ALL of the materials that your girl is going to need for the week)


We will  start off with learning the importance of gratitude. The girls will be given a change to practice this by spending 3 minutes of "gratitude time"


The topics will include :

Beautiful : Which is a foundational topic for our girls to understand that they have unique gifts and talents to offer the world.


Oohh La La : the girls will learn what it means to care for their "shell", which is their outside self. Learning the importance of why we should lotion our skin, comb our hair, take showers / baths on a daily basis etc.

She will be naming  2 things that she can do now to start taking care of her "shell"


Journey : The girls will learn what it means to want to have the desire to travel the world (digging deep into why they are interested in going to the places they want to go to), and the importance and benefits for exercising our bodies.

They will tell us a place she would like to travel to (and give us details: how would we get there? What is the weather like? What is the food like? etc.) & come up with an exercise plan (you need to pick one day of the week that you will exercise, along with what you will be doing to exercise, and who can you invite to exercise with you)


Nourish :  Health  & Nutrition matters. We will talk about the importance of being mindful with the food that we put in our bodies. And what it's like to be a good friend and have good friends around us.

We will talk about some of our favorite meals and recipes, and come up with a "friendship action plan" where she will write down what qualities are important to her for being a good friend, and how she will respond to others when they are not being a good friend.


Investment : We will have a recap of the things that we learned, she will be given a virtual certificate of completion, that will be personalized just for her

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