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This book is great for girls ages 5 to 10.

It has fun pictures while providing our girls with practical tools on how to care for herself

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Self -Esteem 

(Young Girl Edition)

This book is perfect for our Middle school girls! It gives them journal prompts so they can start digging into who they truly are, while providing encouragement and DIY 's

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(Middle School Girl Edition)

This journal is geared for girls to really dig into who she is! There are questions and prompts that allows our girls start embracing who she is, and practicing what it means to BECOMING BEAUTIFULLY CONFIDENT

A Girl's Guide to Becoming Beautifully Confident



"This book is so awesome! I got it for my little girl and she loves it! It's so full of positive messages for women and I really love that. The world needs more children's books specifically written from the female perspective. All of the artwork is so adorable too. My daughter has had me read it to her almost every night since we got it lol. I hope the author writes more books so my daughter can enjoy them too. We would definitely recommend this to any parent with young girls."

Jorge (dad)

"Awesome book!! My daughter and I both really enjoyed reading this book. I adore the positive messages spread throughout the book to encourage young girls to love their true self. The moral of the book was the first thing my daughter commented on when I asked her thoughts on the book and she was very impressed and intrigued by the art work. This was a super easy and fun read that I would recommend to any parent who is looking to cultivate and pour positive self confidence into their daughter".

Karen (mom)